George Parr’s Ranch

I wish I was a literary giant and could use words in a way that would make you believe what I say, but I don’t have that ability. Maybe it’s best that I don’t.

I want to make the case that George Parr’s ranch is a better story than Lee Oswald in Mexico. Yes, at first, I made myself believe that Oswald was in Mexico, but then I came to see that his presence there was probably nonexistent.

What do you believe? If you don’t believe Oswald was in Mexico, why? What did it for you? What made you believe that he wasn’t in Mexico? For me, it was when “they” told me that LHO pulled a gun out of his jacket inside the Russian embassy. I laughed out loud and nearly fell out of my seat. Now, why would the CIA and the MSM trust a Russian operative when they have been demonizing Russians since October of 1917? And why would anyone believe something so preposterous?

Do you know what happens when you take an unregistered, undeclared gun into Mexico? You get arrested and put in jail on the spot, no questions asked.

That LHO would take that chance is totally 10,000% ridiculous.

That he would whip out a gun in the Russian embassy and risk being tossed in jail is again ridiculous.

I’m not going to waste any more time talking about LHO in Mexico. If there were visual truth, the CIA would have it. They don’t because there is none. Gus Russo wants us to believe that the CIA didn’t tell us because they didn’t want the Russians to know we were taking pictures of their embassy. That’s a howler.

The far better story is to believe that Lee Oswald was meeting with professional assassins at George Parr’s ranch. Why not? The team needs to hash things out. You can’t just ask guys to show up. Questions need to be asked. Here are some reasons why the Parr Ranch is ideal:

  • The ranch is secluded and out of the way.
  • George Parr runs Duval County with an iron fist.
  • There is a small airport nearby.
  • George Parr needs political protection.
  • LBJ has the power to persuade George Parr.
  • There are a limited number of citizens to witness events.

As you know, I believe Seymour Bolten planned the assassination. Even if Seymour Bolten was not on “best buddy” terms with LBJ, Amon Carter, Jr. was. And Amon Carter, Jr. and Seymour Bolten had a common bond. They were POWs together in Szubin, Poland during the war. Amon Carter, Jr. could and would ask LBJ to secure George Parr’s ranch for a friend. It wouldn’t be necessary for Amon Carter, Jr. or LBJ to know precisely why.

This, or something very close to this, is what I believe took place. It makes a lot more sense.

Take a look at these views of Los Horcones.

Does anything look familiar? Her’s a closer look.

How about this?

Let’s not be coy. Here, I’ve turned it around and placed it next to Dealey Plaza.

Notice the odd tree-brush line off the side of the caliche road coming in from the right side of the picture (which would correspond to Elm Street.

Of course, I don’t know if these caliche roads existed like this back in 1963. There’s no way for me to know that. But it seems logical that the assassins had already decided that Dealey Plaza was to be the site of the assassination, and that they used these roads as a map for the team to communicate a plan as to how to carry out the assassination. Of course, the scale is not the same, but it is close.

Now, I’m not suggesting that the assassins picked the Parr Ranch because it had this configuration. This configuration of roads could be set up anywhere. Maybe the assassins, though, added some of these caliche roads back in 1963, to more closely reflect Dealey Plaza. It really doesn’t matter. The important point is that the assassination had to be meticulously planned somewhere. They couldn’t just go in there and wing it. There lives were at stake if they failed.

I can already hear the detractors saying that the parade route through Dealey Plaza hadn’t been decided yet. This is true. Nevertheless, there were operatives in place in Dallas to convince the Kennedy team to travel through Dealey Plaza.

If I’m planning an assassination, I choose my plan first then bring the elements to that plan. I don’t adjust to what somebody else’s game plan is. If I am the head of the assassination team, I am going to plan the assassination a specific way, the way that gives me the greatest chance of success. If the Kennedy team chooses to go a different route through Dallas, I’m not going to adjust; I’m going to drop my plan altogether. I will be successful; and, yes, I have the discipline to drop my hard work if I need to do so.

Does that make sense?

Now, as for Amon Carter, Jr.’s friendship with LBJ, take a listen to this chilling conversation on Christmas Day, 1963.

Football is a team sport in Texas.

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