Political Honesty and Lee Oswald in Mexico

Honestly, I don’t think Gus Russo or any of the other Warren Commission supporters understands those of us who oppose the Warren Commission findings.

I don’t think they get it.

We don’t trust the CIA or anything that comes out of their mouth.

At least I don’t. 

Maybe if they tell me the time of sunrise or the ebb and flood of the tides. 


Why should I?

Why should I trust an agency that prides itself on deception?

In his book, Live by the Sword, Gus Russo discusses the possible interactions LHO may have had in Mexico City with various Cuban operatives.

He goes over many perspective of Oswald offering his services to kill JFK.

After reviewing these scenarios and reports, I have to ask myself how they can all possibly be true.

Are the CIA and their bedfellows just throwing stuff at the wall to see whatever sticks?

And as I say:  Why should we believe them?

At the same time that Gus Russo is telling us about these scenarios, he tells us about a deceitful operation that the CIA conducted against a Cuban operative in order to cause a split between Cuba and the Soviet Union.

How do we know they are not being similarly deceptive by floating these reports of Oswald involving himself with Cuban agents?

The CIA clearly has a credibility problem.

As I have written before, if you think Oswald is a total nut job, why would you deal with him as if he is an experienced operative?

The CIA and its supporters want their cake and eat it too.

If the Cubans thought Oswald was a viable candidate to conduct an assassination, why didn’t they fly him over to Cuba right away? Why didn’t they accommodate him? What would be the problem with that? He would be under total surveillance.

Wouldn’t you want to bump that upstairs to a higher authority? Of course.

Wouldn’t you want to vet Oswald? Wouldn’t you want to explore his capabilities?

Would you allow a lower level authority outside Cuba to make that decision? Wouldn’t you want to vet him by higher authorities in Cuba?

OK, let’s play the game and say that the Cubans did make a deal with Oswald. Let’s say that they did.  Where is the beef? Where is the evidence that supports Cuban agents working with Oswald?

Precisely though, what kind of support could the Cubans have given Oswald to pull off this operation? What skills did they have that he needed?  Were they experienced in assassinations? Which ones? I don’t see the Cubans as having the right amount of experience with assassinations. They certainly weren’t on the level of the Israelis who had been fighting with Palestinians for decades and did have experience with assassinations.

If they couldn’t offer any logistical support, then why does Oswald need them? This gets back to Oswald‘s mission in Mexico. What precisely was he looking for?  We are told he was looking to go to Cuba to fight with Fidel.   Well, if that was his goal, and the Cubans thought he was legit, why didn’t they let him go to Cuba?

On the other hand, if they were going to work with him in order to assassinate Kennedy, what skills could they offer? What skills did they offer?  Were they able to gain him access into the Texas School Book Depository? Unlikely. Were they able to gain access into the Dal-Tex building?  Unlikely.  Did they have any inside men in Dallas or Washington to know Kennedy’s parade route? Unlikely.

For these reasons it’s less likely that there was any connection between Cubans and Lee Oswald as far as the assassination is concerned.

And as for that passport photo attached to the intransit visa, the passport photo that looks remarkably like Lee Oswald?  Politics makes strange bedfellows.

We have no idea if that specific photo was the passport photo that was given to Ms. Duran. We have no idea when that specific passport photo was affixed.

I can easily see the CIA making a deal with Castro to falsely place a passport photo of Oswald on the transit visa. Politicians play these games all the time.  What would be the bargain reached? The US would be able to implicate Oswald as a communist  in exchange for a continuance of the “no invasion” policy.  Any number of similar deals could be reached.

If you think that’s not possible, think again.  During Israel’s fight for Palestine the Jewish agency in Palestine begin speaking with people inside the Third Reich to broker an agreement that would benefit both sides. It was called the Transfer Plan.

Politicians always betray their people. Politicians never adhere to morality and principles.

All politicians are cut out of the same cloth. The politician of your enemy has more in common with your politician than you do.  

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

They get together at the end of the day, drink a beer, and laugh at you.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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