Conspiracies Can’t Happen

I shouldn’t even have to write an article like this. Nobody should have to write an article like this.

If you call me a conspiracy nut I will vouch for that affirmatively and say to you the following: Thank you, I am therefore in good company with the United States Justice Department who has filed charges of conspiracy against individual Americans for over 250 years – conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit murder.

If that’s not enough to shut you up, think about all the intelligence agencies and special forces in the world who believe in secret missions. The Army Rangers believe in secret missions. The Navy SEALs believe in secret missions. Our CIA believes in secret missions. The Green Beret, if they still exist, believe in secret missions. Why can’t I believe in secret missions?

Are you still not convinced?

Your parents had sex to conceive you. Usually those encounters are done behind closed doors.

Do you want more?

If  everybody over the age of five has a birthday party on their birthday, on any particular day of the week there will be 16,438,356 birthday parties.  If 1% of those birthdays are surprise birthday parties and 90% of those surprise birthday parties are pulled off successfully, that will amount to 147,945.2 successful conspiracies pulled off every single day of the week into eternity. 

Now, someone needs to tell the main stream media that conspiracies are possible.

Numbers used: (6 billion/365)  * 0.01 * 0.9

Thank you.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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