Planning it Out

Once you understand that the assassination has to be planned our throughly, you can dispense with many of the ridiculous theories of the JFK assassination.

This mission was planned out assiduously by a skilled, intelligent individual who measures twice and cuts once. As you already know I think that man was Seymour Bolten. You can read elsewhere in this site as to why I think so. I’ll be brief.

He was an NYU graduate; and he received a MA from Harvard in 1950. He was a seasoned CIA officer who was well-respected. He served in Bonn, West Germany from 1955-60. There is a 6 month overlap between Bolten arriving in Germany and Oswald arriving in Russia, so there is good reason to believe that Bolten as the Deputy Chief of Station in Bonn would know Oswald if Oswald was working for the CIA.

Bolten was also a former POW in Szubin, Poland for an extended stay of time. There he met Amon Carter, Jr. who was also a POW. These men most likely knew each other given their lengthy stay there. Bolten helped write the Prison Camp newsletter, The Item. Amon Carter, Jr.’s name is frequently mentioned in that newsletter.

When the Kriegies (as the prisoners were known) weren’t working or participating in activities, they were planning escapes. Bolten’s intelligence would have been useful in planning these escapes. I believe this is where he discovered what he was really good at – planning missions. Here all his skills would come into play.

Only an intelligent, hard working man could have planned this assassination. Bolten was certainly that. He had academic knowledge which would suit him well for this. At NYU he was in the Playgoer’s Society, and so it is reasonable to conclude that he had been taught the structure of a play and how the play’s parts must logically fit together. This would appeal to Seymour Bolten because, although he was of Russian extraction, born Seymour Bolotovsky, he was enamored with German culture. He studied German at NYU, and, of course, he worked under Lucius Clay in Post WWII Germany for a few years.

The German people are nothing if they are not a logical, orderly people. These is no fucking around in Germany. It’s not a nation of bullshitters. It’s also not a nation of slackers. There is a reason Germany dominates Europe: Germans do their piano lessons. While everyone else is drunk at the bar, the Germans are working, thinking and asking questions.

Seymour Bolten’s greatest qualifier on his resume however was the high school he attended. He was in the graduating class of 1938 at DeWitt Clinton HS, which is probably one of the all-time great high school classes. I don’t what kind of water they had in the Bronx in the 1930s, but it must have been something pretty special.

Well, that’s enough of that for now. I want to get into the nuts and bolts a little. And in much of this I must speculate. Obviously.

Sometime after the Bay of Pigs, maybe before, Bolten gets the call to get something going on a possible mission to take out JFK. My best guess is that Dulles (yes, I know he had been sacked by JFK), asked GHWB to “manage the JFK problem.” GHWB then spoke to his friend, Seymour Bolten. Such an arrangement gives the higher-ups like Dulles double door shielding. Upon hearing that JFK was to be “managed,” a code word for assassinated, Bolten went to work.

Why was this was done? These guys in the CIA work first and foremost for Corporate America, not the American people. That is to whom they give their allegiance. They protect the money and the profits. They may come from different political parties, but their main goal is to preserve Corporate America around the world. These guys are internationalists. They are interested in prosecuting the American Empire. JFK was considered bad for business, bad for the American Empire. That’s why he was assassinated.

As far as political beliefs are concerned, Bolten is a Scoop Jackson Republican, the brothers of Scoop Jackson Democrats. Never underestimate the power and influence of Henry “Scoop” Jackson; it’s enormous. Bolten’s boyhood friend, Max Kampelman, could be best summarized as a Scoop Jackson Democrat. Bolten was friends with Dick Scammon and Jeane Kirkpatrick of later Republican administrations. The Scoop Jackson Republicans morphed into the neo-cons. The Scoop Jackson Democrats morphed into the neo-dems. They work together as the two wings of the Corporate Party.

They are team players, and they will do what is necessary.

Bolten gets the call to get something going. At this point it is a contingency mission because no one knows for sure what will happen in the future. The Bay of Pigs fiasco though, to them, portends a shaky future if JFK is in charge.

It’s at this point that Bolten begins to write the play. A good playwright though doesn’t just start writing. It’s helpful to think and ask questions first. One of the important things to think about in any play or novel is how you want it to end. That’s what Edgar Allan Poe did when he wrote The Raven. According to lore, he wrote the ending first. In this manner you can drive everything in the piece toward that ending. Your play or work must be tight and focused. If you want to write a masterpiece, there must be no extraneous parts. Everything in your work must have a purpose.

That is what I propose that Bolten did. He measured twice and cut once.

LHO returns to America in June of 1961. He will spend 17 months in the US before he is gunned down by Jack Ruby on 11/24/63. He will spend 10 months in DFW, five months in NO, a week in sunny Mexico, then seven weeks in Dallas.

Why is he moving around? Are his the movements of a crazy man with a disintegrating personality? I do not believe so.

Why would he suddenly go down to New Orleans? To cool off from the Walker affair? I can assure you that the police are quite able to get in a car and drive to New Orleans and ask him questions if they think LHO is the man who shot at General Walker. As it turns out, Lee Oswald wasn’t asked any questions at all. Since he wasn’t, why not return to Dallas? He could have gone back to Leslie Welding where his boss, Tommy Bargas, thought he would’ve made a good sheet metal man.

Why would he suddenly go down to Mexico for a week? To get into Cuba? To join the revolution? He was hanging around New Orleans; for sure if he was in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee there were enough contacts that he had made in New Orleans that could get him into Cuba faster than him going down to Mexico City on a bus.

Why did he return from Mexico? Once you return from Mexico you can immediately go back in and apply for another visa. If you get denied in Laredo, you can go right down along the Rio Grande to any number of towns and try to get in. There are no computer systems in 1963. How do I know this? Because that’s exactly what I did in 1977. I was bringing a stereo across in my car in 1977. I was a student in Monterrey. The aduana (customs) in Nuevo Laredo wouldn’t allow me to bring it across. So what I did was travel to every little town along the Rio Grande and try to get it across. I was unsuccessful until I finally reached McAllen and stuffed the stereo in my suitcase with clothes around it. If Oswald had really wanted to go to Cuba, he could have done what I did and found a border crossing that would’ve given him a 180 day permit.

He didn’t want to go, because that wasn’t part of the plan.

Seymour Bolten was moving Oswald around according to what he needed for his mission as his mission was developing.

In the following diagram I try to correlate Oswald’s movements with world events. I will explain after the diagram.

Lee Oswald returns to the Unites States in June of 1962, having spent about three years in the Soviet Union. The Bay of Pigs occurred in April of 1961. JFK took office in March of 1960. I remember JFK running against Nixon because at the time I thought they were running a physical race. I was five, almost six years old.

There are 14 months from the Bay of Pigs to Oswald’s return. That gives Seymour Bolten 14 months to develop a plan, a play, to assassinate JFK. I suppose he could have chosen any number of operatives, but he didn’t. He chose the people he did. He used contacts and resources that he had accumulated over his lifetime to prosecute his play. I will mention many of these contacts and players.

He chose to compartmentalize the mission because the stakes were so high. The various players did not got together in a room to discuss things except in one crucial phase. Everything was done in his head, and the mission was done off the books so as to not implicate the CIA. There are unequivocally no CIA memos that say: Operation JFK KILL.

Rather than bring the assassination to JFK, Bolten chose to bring JFK to the assassination. And, if that could not be done, he would call the mission off. In fact the play was designed so that all the players would come to the play rather than the other way around. If those players could not be brought to the play, other players would be found. Thus the mission could be planned backwards just as EAP wrote the Raven from the ending backwards.

When a play is written from the back to the front, everything in the play fits better. It’s more logical. Seymour Bolten is a logical man, a clear thinker, a thoughtful thinker. When you look at his son, Joshua Bolten, you’re looking at a clone of Seymour Bolten in the way he conducts business. Steady, thoughtful, hard working, preparative.

Seymour Bolten must have spent considerable time in Dallas studying various venues. He must have had to hold a million thoughts in his mind at once. It’s not always easy constructing a play. You have an idea of what you want, and it takes shape in a very nebulous way. You have to hold many thoughts in your mind and feel for commonalities.

In the process, his mind may have been free-associating this way: Texas, Johnson, military, operatives from Texas, decoy, misdirection, Dallas, Fort Worth, George Bush, Amon Carter, Jr. … and so forth. He probably hooked up with his old buddy, Amon Carter, Jr. while in Dallas or Fort Worth. He probably discovered a huge Russian community there working in the oil business.

Something clicked, because he, Seymour Bolten, spoke Russian. Perhaps he met a few of these white Russians. One guy he may have met was George DeMohrenschildt, who had prior CIA connections. He may have asked George D. or his buddy, George Bush, who the major players were in the oil business. Bush may have told him about Dry Hole Byrd. After a possible meeting with Byrd at a lunch or a get-together, perhaps Byrd causally mentioned a building he owned in Dealey Plaza. Being that Bolten may have never been to Dallas before, he decided to take a look at it. A tall building in his mind would be ideal for a sniper to hide.

So let’s imagine, Bolten traveling to Dealey Plaza for the first time. He probably fainted when he saw the layout as you couldn’t ask for a better venue to assassinate a President.

All these thoughts would be churning in his mind. But something was still missing; he would need players. More importantly he would need a framework, a plan, a structure to his play.

Who can say where creativity comes from? Where does it begin? The writing process begins after a critical mass of data is accumulated in the brain; and then, quite suddenly, the writer feels the urge to write something down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must flow naturally.

And this is what I believe Seymour Bolton did after a critical mass of data was built up in his mind. He sketched out a basic play and then refined it over the next year from April 61 to June of 62.

Sometime in early 1962 he had a pretty good idea what his plan was about, where it was to take place and how it would unfold. Like a good playwright he would give it a mission statement, a short synopsis, a longer synopsis, and then a full-blown treatment.

Here I wrote out something close to what I feel he wrote. Surprise, I’m not him. This is the best I can do. Remember, we are talking about an extremely intelligent individual in Bolten. I estimate that his IQ was at least 145.

Here is a one sentence pitch: Crazy, obnoxious, wife-beating, traitorous, commie-loving loser buys a rifle and kills the President of the United States.

That sounds like a good movie.

With this in mind, Bolten would have amplified the pitch to a one page synopsis, then a ten-page treatment. The one page synopsis might look something like this.

A disgruntled former Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald comes back to the United States from Russia to where he defected only three years previously. He settles down in the Fort Worth area with his new Russian bride, Marina. He attempts to get steady work but is unsuccessful. He is wild, obnoxious and abrasive. He tries to make friends with the local Russian community, but they do not like him. He tells anyone who will listen that he is a communist. Because he cannot get work he has a rocky relationship with his wife. He beats his wife. He takes up left wing causes. He subscribes to many left- wing publications. He buys a rifle and a pistol. He practices his shooting. He then takes a shot at a former general of the United States, Edwin Walker. Fearing that he might get caught he skedaddles down to New Orleans where he was born. He has relatives in New Orleans. More or less the same cycle repeats itself. He can’t get steady work. His wife joins him off and on. When she is not with Lee, she is living with a friend in the Dallas area. The friend helps Marina acclimate to the United States. She acts as a mother hen for the Oswalds. While in New Orleans Lee involves himself in left wing politics. He opposes the US position toward Cuba. He wants to join Fidel and decides to go to Mexico City where he can get a visa to Cuba. Lee is rebuffed, and so leaves Mexico City and comes back to live in Dallas. He gets a job working at the Texas School Book Depository. He visits his wife who lives with the friend, the mother hen. Soon he learns that JFK will visit Dallas. The parade route is announced in the paper. Lee decides to take his rifle to work the morning that JFK will ride by his place of work. He sets up a sniper’s nest and then kills the president. He then leaves the depository and goes to his boarding house in Oak Cliff, picks up a gun and tries to escape. While he is making his escape he is noticed by a police officer who stops him. Lee pulls out his gun and kills the police officer. He panics, runs down the street and hides in a movie theater where he is shot and killed. After the fact, much evidence is found in the mother hen’s garage implicating Lee Oswald.

Now, that’s just an example. And what I have written here is what Seymour Bolten wants you to believe. He also would have written out a plan in a similar format that shows the players behind the scene, the part he doesn’t want you to see.

Essentially what Seymour Bolton is performing here is magic, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had read many books on magic. A person in his era certainly would have been familiar with the greatest magician of all time, Harry Houdini.

He certainly would have been familiar with the principles of magic. He certainly would known that one of the principle elements of any magic trick is distraction.

Get people to look elsewhere.

And so he set out with his rough plan which, like a play, will inevitably be modified as the work progresses.

The basic working plan would be to first set up Lee as a secret operative ferreting out secret commies in Dallas. To accomplish that, Lee would pretend to be a nutty commie. The wife beating, the unkempt appearance and the itinerant work history would be the lubricant that would facilitate other people’s trust in Lee. This plan that Seymour Bolten set out for Lee would feed into Lee’s childhood fantasy of being another Herb Philbrick of I Led Three Lives.

Lee would play this role until JFK’s trip to Dallas began to gel. This occurred around April of 1963. That’s when LBJ first let the public know that JFK would be coming to Dallas later in the year.

Presidential trips aren’t decided upon in the same way that we decide our trips to the shore. Presidential trips have to be planned out six to nine months in advance. You need that amount of time in order to get your advance team to hash out the logistics. The President coming to Dallas isn’t the same as you going to Dallas.

Lee was moved down to New Orleans not to get away from the General Walker affair, but to move Lee into Act II. In New Orleans Lee would be throughly typecast as the nutty communist.

The purpose of Act II, Lee Oswald’s stay in New Orleans was to set up the misdirection, to direct the public’s attention toward Cuba, Cuban agents, Fidel Castro, and Castro-sympathizer Lee Oswald as the assassins of JFK. The secondary purpose was to get Lee out of Dallas so that Bolten could have time to reconnoiter Dealey Plaza, evaluate the logistics, consult with various compartmentalized experts, and read. Of course, he was most likely doing this all along, but this would give him extra time alone to focus on these tasks.

Seymour Bolten was a reader. I will speculate and say that he had an insatiable curiosity. He was a question-asker, and he wanted to know everything about everything. There was no subject that would not have interested him. As I have stated before, he certainly would have known of Harry Houdini, and he certainly would have read about him and the field of magic.

It would be essential for him to know about magic because as he analyzed Dealey Plaza, he would have run into a major problem: How was he going to disguise a shooter from the grassy knoll? He certainly would have wanted to know how Houdini concealed an elephant at the Hippodrome in front of a packed auditorium.

Bolten also needed time to reconnoiter the TSBD and the Dal-Tex building. He would want to know everything about these buildings. He would want to know how long it would take Oswald to get up and down those stairs. He would need to get vantage points from the decoy nest in the TSBD, the real sniper’s nest on the fire escape on the 5th floor of the Dal-Tex building, and the nest behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.

He would also have to meet with key community leaders in Dallas who he would use to achieve his goals. One of those goals would be to nudge Dallas leaders like Sam Bloom to nudge JFK’s team to choose venues that would necessitate a trip through Dealey Plaza. A competent magician knows how to force a card.

As if that wasn’t enough, he would have to scout potential locations in Oak Cliff. He would have to figure a way to lure a police officer into his own demise so as to pin the dirty deed on the patsy. People might actually approve of Lee killing JFK; but they would never approve of him killing a Dallas police officer. Indeed, the people would call form him to be lynched. Bolten’s skills from Szubin would be invaluable here.

The time would be getting close to showtime. Nearly every playwright and producer of a play worries about whether the cast will be ready by opening night. I’m sure Seymour Bolten was no different. He would also have to figure out a contingency plan in case Oswald lived at the Texas theater. To do that he would have to recruit someone who could be persuaded to gun Oswald down should the need arise. Good playwrights think of all contingencies.

That was the purpose of Act II.

When the President’s trip to Dallas was finally announced on 9/15/63, that was the cue for Seymour Bolten to move into Act III. The curtain was about to go up. It was no surprise then that Oswald comes up with his plan to go to Cuba at about that time. Is it a coincidence? I think not.

Before the final act though, Bolten needed to get the team together. And that was what he did by ostensibly sending Lee Oswald to Mexico. Of course, he did not send Lee Oswald into Mexico. On the contrary, Lee Oswald was meeting with the assassination team on George Parr’s ranch in South Texas. It was during this meeting that the members of the team (assassins only) were able to meet each other and to learn the basic intent and framework of the mission. Here they were able to ask questions and make contributions. George Parr’s ranch was a secure location where nobody was going to say anything to anyone. George Parr ruled Duval County with an iron fist.

After the week was up, Lee went back to Dallas; the assassins were sequestered somewhere in the Dallas area until 11/22/63. There would be seven weeks between 10/3/63 and 11/22/63.

During those seven weeks, the team met not only in Dealey Plaza but at Burnett Field, which was a baseball field located in North Oak Cliff. Amon Carter, Jr., one of the co-owners of the team would be able to give them access to the stadium. There they carefully set up a mock Dealey Plaza. There they practiced the timing of the assassination. They spent two weeks on read-through, three weeks on rehearsal, then two weeks on a dress rehearsal, close enough to what you would do if you were prepping for a play.

Bolten would demand perfection before putting the play out to the public. The stakes were too high. If they didn’t perform well, they would be executed.

OK, that’s the basic overall framework. I hope that you understood what I was trying to convey here. The main point is that Oswald’s movements from one city to the next have a purpose. They are not random movements. I hope I have been successful in explaining to you why they aren’t random movements. They are tied into both world events and the logistics of the assassination.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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