Ben Bradleee

Let’s talk about Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post. Let’s talk about his CIA connections.

First off, when he came of age, the CIA didn’t nearly have the bad reputation that it does today. The journalists of the day thought the CIA was a good thing for America. So did all the politicians.

Well, come to think of it, not much has changed.

What many Americans didn’t know was the close relationship between many of our so-called journalists and the CIA. Ben Bradlee hand many close relationships. He didn’t seem to think they were important. I guess that goes along with being a member of the entitled class.

Ben C. Bradlee was a Boston Brahmin, a member of the Crowinshield family. His middle initial stands for Crowinshield. His family if you go back far enough came over on the Mayflower, not that it matters.

It shouldn’t matter, but apparently it does.

Ben Bradlee attended Harvard.

His boyhood friend was Richard Helms – a future CIA Director.

Ben Bradlee was a member of the Georgetown Set, which was a Rat Pack of sorts for intellectuals, Harvard dandies, and members of the elite social class who lived in Georgetown.

Generally these people thought of themselves as important, better than other people, and entitled to do whatever they wanted to do. They did have much influence over the media and government affairs. Bradlee, of course, was the editor of the Washington Post.

Members of the Georgetown Set included the Alsop brothers, Richard Bissell (CIA), Ben Bradlee, James Jesus Angleton (Harvard, CIA), and others.

Generally they looked down upon people like Richard Nixon who they considered a vulgar upstart. After all, people like Nixon were arguing for peace, which didn’t make the elite class nearly the amount of money that war did, or so they thought.

Most of the Georgetown Set were to the manor born. They attended elite prep schools like Groton and Choate. They attended elite universities like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. They ran within and married within their own social caste.

Ben Bradlee married Antionette Pinchot. Her sister, Mary Pinchot, married Cord Meyer (CIA, Dartmouth). The Pinchot sisters were the daughters of Amos Pinchot and Ruth Pickering, both to the manor born.

After Mary Pinchot Meyer divorced Cord Meyer, she had an affair with John Kennedy. After JFK was assassinated, Mary Pinchot Meyer herself suffered an untimely death on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal towpath. She was murdered.

Was she murdered by a random killer or by the CIA to shut her up? You can read Peter Janney’s book, Mary’s Mosaic, or Ben Bradlee’s book, A Good Life and decide for yourself. Suffice it to say, that Ben Bradlee has his critics.

In the final analysis, Ben Bradlee worked for the machine, not for truth.

The more I have dug into Watergate, its perpetrators, and its so-called heroes, the more convinced I have become that Watergate was another coup d’état, designed to achieve the goals of the wealthy thug elite. They wanted Nixon out because he put the wheels in motion to end their cash cow – the Vietnam war.

Ben Bradlee, Nixon-hater extraordinaire, the so-called defender of the truth was part of that coup d’état.

He was just an errand boy for the CIA.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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