Oswald’s Radical Literature

Now, of course, we all know by now that LHO was no communist, despite the protestations of the Warren Commission acolytes. LHO was an intelligence operative employed by the US government.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say he was.

Precisely what kind dangerous literature was LHO reading?

How about this by Corliss Lamont: The Crime Against Cuba.

Well, I suppose that if you are a casual observer of Kennedy assassination, you might think that Corliss Lamont was some nut job holed up in a rundown tenement in Newark, the sort of joint that produces the kind of people who might, say, bomb buildings.


Corliss Lamont was a Harvard-educated socialist (and philosopher) who spent his life fighting for socialism and civil liberties – hardly a fringe activity.

Like most people, he made a lot of mistakes. He supported the Soviet Union in the 30s and tended to gloss over their shortcomings.

Here is the pamphlet that Lee Oswald was reading.

The pamphlet would be considered mainstream on the left today.

What Lamont is arguing for is precisely what the Fair Play for Cuba Committee was calling for: A fair shake for Castro’s Cuba.

It’s too bad that Lee Oswald, nor his team, did not truly believe in what Corliss Lamont was arguing for. If they had, maybe Fidel would have tilted toward the US and avoided years of misery for average Cubans.

Hold on a minute, though, let’s suppose that he did. Let’s suppose that Lee Oswald did believe in the gist of this pamphlet, that Cuba should be given a chance and that it was JFK who maliciously provoked an attack on Cuba.

If he did, why on earth would LHO provoke a greater attack on Cuba by getting together with Cubans to assassinate the President, an attack that would surely be traced back to Communist sympathizers? And why would Castro with agents all over the joint in New Orleans, even permit such an attack to go through.

To help Cuba?

That’s a stretch.

It’s not a stretch to understand why LHO would work with elements in the CIA to bump off JFK. JFK, in the view of the CIA, not only left CIA officers to die on the beaches at the Bay of Pigs, he was fucking around with Corporate America’s money.

Bumping off JFK and having it traced back to Cubans might inspire an attack on Cuba.

It didn’t, but it might have.

Instead the US found bigger game in Vietnam.

Of course, none of this reasoning will persuade the WC acolytes. They will tell you the LHO was irrational, that his life was disintegrating, and that irrational people do irrational things.

Well, if his life was disintegrating, then why did the Cubans and Russians work with him?

Of course, they didn’t, but that’s the logic of Gus Russo, Richard Nagell and other WC sympathizers.

As explained in another post, Richard Nagell tells a tale of intrigue involving himself and an innumerable cast of intelligence operatives who were involved in killing JFK.

Can you feel the illogic of their argument that Oswald was irrational.

When all else fails, blame it on chance and irrationality.

I’ve got a better explanation: LHO was a sane, capable intelligence operative who was working undercover, posing as a communist, working with a team – not the Cubans – to assassinate the President of the United States. The Corliss Lamont pamphlet is part of that cover.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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