Lee’s Visa Application

One of the key pieces of evidence that confirms for Warren Commission disciples that LHO was in Mexico was his picture attached to his visa application at the Cuban embassy.

Not so fast.

How do we know that picture was not substituted later?

Now, you may ask, what benefit would this be to Fidel Castro and the Cubans to have substituted Oswald’s real picture on to a visa application which previously contains a picture of an imposter?

Politics makes strange bedfellows, and politicians often make sneaky deals with each other that we the people are not informed about until much later.

Such as?

Such as JFK making a deal with Nikita Khrushchev that he would remove missiles from Turkey if the Soviet Union removed missiles from Cuba.

Suppose an impostor did show up at the Cuban Embassy and filled out a visa application to Cuba. After the assassination, Fidel Castro would know within one day that the US was barking up the wrong tree.

Now, you and I, as normal people, would simply state such; but we are not politicians, and politicians are very crafty people.

A crafty politician in Cuba, say Fidel Castro, might approach the United States through the Czechoslovakian embassy, and say: “Hey, let’s talk. We have an idea. We won’t expose you for the fools and liars that you are if you agree to give us something. We will happily substitute a picture of the real Oswald on to that visa application if you continue your promise of a “no invasion” policy. This is a win-win for everyone. You get to make the Cuban connection that shifts blame away from the real killers, and we already know who they are, and we get to be left alone. Whatdayasay?”

It sounds like a winner to me.

Given that you think that this might be possible, let’s look at the visa application photo. It couldn’t be a crummier picture.

I wanted to see if the picture really was Oswald. It looks really close. The hair is a little bit off, and the ears are set a little higher than in the police photo, but it sure looks like Oswald.

So I decided to superimpose the photo on the visa application with that of Oswald after he was arrested. And here is what I got with varying degrees of superimposition. The first number represents the opacity of the visa application photo; the second number represents the opacity of the arrest photo. The arrest photo sits atop the visa application photo.

As you can see the images are pretty darn close.

Now, when I was starting this experiment, I was trying to prove that the visa application photo was not Oswald. It never occurred to me until later that the photo taken in the police lineup may have been used to forge the visa application photo.

What do you think? Is it possible? Did photo technicians in the early 1960s have the ability to take an existing photo, alter it, and make it look as if it was taken at a different time?

If they did, would they be able to do it in such a manner as to render it undetectable?

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved.

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