I’ve Struggled

I’ve struggled with a way to not mention Christians or Jews on this website, but it is not possible to understand who killed JFK and why, unless you bring religion and the lack of it into the discussion.

Jews, or rather people who call themselves Jews, in Dallas were used by Seymour Bolten to effect the outcome he desired. Sam Bloom, Jack Ruby, Abraham Zapruder identified themselves as Jews. They were convinced to go along with a plan because JFK was promoted as inimical to the idea of Israel’s acquisition and retention of nuclear weapons. Bolten recruited Israeli assassins because he knew that the shield of antisemitism could be used to ward off nosy people. He was correct.

Now, this is not to state that Jews killed JFK. The men who killed JFK were not Jews at all. As I have stated previously, a true Jew would not kill anyone. These men in Mossad and the leadership of Israel for all their prayers were not Jewish. They forfeited that title when they chose to engage in the activities that they did. Just as the so-called Christians in the CIA are not Christian at all, neither are the so-called Jews in Mossad Jewish. They can huff and puff, and they can stomp around the room; they aren’t and weren’t Jewish.

Just as there is no such thing as a cultural Christian, there is no such thing as a cultural Jew. I am no more a Christian because I hang a cross and repeat the liturgy in church, than you are Jewish by having a menorah in your house. It is the practice of the religion that makes you who you are.

Allen Dulles was not Christian. Nor were the other men in the CIA who engaged in naughtiness around the globe.

JFK was killed by pagans and power worshipers who had abandoned their religion.

Why do we call Jews Jews, and why don’t we call Christians Christians?

Why is a Jew no matter how well he practices his faith called a Jew, when a Christian is not accorded the same treatment? No one would dare call a criminal a Christian man.

Is it because Jews are in the minority?

Probably. In a predominantly Christian society, it’s just assumed that you are a Christian unless you are positively identified as not, therefore the label is dropped.

Does the reverse exist in Israel? Yes, of course, Jews in Israel know that they are Jews just as the Christians in a predominantly Christian society know they are Christian, but isn’t it true that the label of Jew is assumed. If I were a Christian living in Israel, wouldn’t I be identified as the Christian guy?

Why am I bringing this up? What is the point of this?

Because in Israel, if I were constantly referred to as the Christian guy, mightn’t people (Jews) there get the mistaken idea that I was somehow observant of the Christian faith? I think so.

What if I were a criminal? What if I murdered and committed all sorts of naughtiness? Wouldn’t I still be referred to as a Christian guy? Probably.

Yet, there would be no validity to this statement.

Do you see my point here?

In the United States, we assume that all Jews are religious people, but the reality is that many of them are JINOs: Jews In Name Only. In other words they aren’t Jews at all, but people think they are; and because people think they are, they get lumped in with the Jews who are observant. The problem is that the politicians, the CIA, and Mossad take advantage of this and commit all sorts of naughtiness and nastiness around the globe and use the true Jews as cover.

That’s what is going on here.

The CIA and Mossad are using antisemitism as a shield.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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