The Case for Seymour Bolten

In this file I make the case for why Seymour Bolten is a good choice to have planned the JFK assassination. Of course, no one can go back in time and say that he did do it. But if I were going to select someone to plan the assassination, I would choose him.

I ’m sick and tired of writing about why Seymour Bolten is the logical choice for the man who authored the JFK Assassination. It should be obvious to all who care to look. In this piece I am going to list all the factors that round out why he is the logical choice. If you can find a better candidate let me know. 

  1. He was a bright guy. He attended DeWitt Clinton HS (1938), NYU (1942), and Harvard (1950).
  2. He spent 2.5 years in a POW camp in Szubin, Poland where officers spent the majority of their free time planning escapes. 
  3. He was fluent in Russian, invaluable in integrating with the Russian community in the DFW area. Bolten was fluent in Russian principally because his parents were Russian immigrants. 
  4. He was efficient, hard working and thorough. When you look at is son, Joshua Botlen, you are viewing a clone of Seymour Bolten. 
  5. He worked with Lucius Clay in Post WWII Germany. Here we would learn valuable organizational skills. Here he would also be given the opportunity to meet movers and shakers. He would also most likely meet Israelis involved in moving Jews rom Europe to Palestine. 
  6. He most likely met Frank Sturges in Germany. Sturges was in Lucius Clay’s color guard. 
  7. He was a POW mate of Amon Carter, Jr. in Szubin, Poland. Amon Carter hired Marguerite Oswald as a nanny in 1963. Amon Carter, Jr. was connected to the Texas power brokers. The Amon Carter family was close to IB Hale, a football star. It was IB Hale’s wife, Virginia, who got LHO his job at Leslie Welding. 
  8. Amon Carter, Jr. hired Marguerite Oswald as a nanny in 1963.  Now, that is a fascinating connection.  Was she hired because LHO asked Bolten if he could find some work for his mother? It seems logical.
  9. Bolten was Jewish. This would be invaluable in integrating with Jews in Dallas, such as Abraham Zapruder, Sam Bloom, Morris I. Jaffe, Jack Ruby, and Rabbi Silverman. Rabbi Silverman attended Yale and knew George Bush’s older brother. Silverman was also a member of Haganah. He was also Jack Ruby’s rabbi at Shearith Israel. 
  10. Bolten’s boyhood friend was Max Kampelman. Bolten worked in Kampelman’s father’s butcher shop/deli as a young man. MK went on to become a lawyer and a big shot in Jewish affairs in the United States and Israel. Reportedly he was at one time Golda Meir’s attorney. This gave Bolten an “in” into the higher level politics of Israel. It puts him in the room. 
  11. Bolten was a good friend of George Herbert Walker Bush. That’s probably why their sons became friendly. George Herbert Walker Bush was involved with Manuel Noriega in Panama. Another individual who was involved in Panama was Mike Harari of Mossad. It’s entirely realistic to believe that Bolten would have known of Mike Harari. This is significant because the profile of Walkie-Talkie man looks remarkably like Mike Harari. The Accomplice looks like Yitzhak Hofi. These two men Hofi and Harari were friends. 
  12. Bolten was deputy Chief Of Station CIA in Bonn for 5 years from 1955 to 1960. There is a six month overlap between Bolton leaving and Oswald arriving in Russia. It makes sense that Bolten would be aware of Oswald’s presence in Russia. Somebody had to recruit Oswald onto the assassination team. 
  13. Seymour Bolten’s son, Joshua, mentored Ted Cruz at Princeton. Ted Cruz is the son of Rafael Cruz who I believe was handing out leaflets with Oswald in New Orleans. No, I’m not talking about the person who Donald Trump erroneously pointed out as Ted Cruz’s father. I’m talking about a completely different individual. As we all know, Rafael Cruz was somewhere in either Dallas or New Orleans between 1960 and 1963. Cruz stated that he was opposed to Fidel Castro. Rafael Cruz was also working in the petroleum industry. I will argue that Rafael Cruz was indeed a CIA collaborator going way back to his days in a Batista prison. Rafael Cruz’s father reportedly worked at RCA, a known front company for the CIA.
  14. Bolten was politically connected. He wasn’t just a field operative. He morphed into administration. He was a close associate of Richard Helms. 
  15. When Nixon hosted a state dinner for Willy Brandt, Bolten was invited. Also invited was Lucius Clay. What this illustrates is that Bolten was not some minor player. 
  16. Through his connections with GHWB, Bolten would be able to meet the Texas power brokers. 
  17. Bolten was in the Nixon White House as Watergate was winding down. Bolten worked in association with BNDD on a task force. He worked closely with Egil “Bud” Krogh. Egil Krogh’s father was a trade association associate of Clay Shaw. Clay Shaw wasn’t just a gay guy from the Quarter; he was New Orleans ambassador to the world. He knew everybody, and everybody knew him. What does this association mean? Not much; only that Bolten worked within a circle of people with common interests. 
  18. Watergate is wedded to the JFK Assassination in ways that we are not quite certain. The men who conducted the Watergate break-in were for the most part CIA men or CIA associates. Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, and Bernard Barker were all anti-Castro Cubans. Frank Sturges was another member of the team. As was Howard Hunt. Bolten would have known all these men. So what was the real reason Bolten was there in the Nixon White House? To keep tabs on what was going down with his buddies? 
  19. Bolten was a Scoop Jackson Republicrat. His close friends were also Scoop Jackson Republicrats. These people were the progenitors of the neo-cons and the neo-libs. They placed their faith in the CIA, the military industrial complex and the American Empire. Richard Perle was a later member of the Scoop Jackson team. 
  20. Bolten was assigned to the Latin American theater in the early 1960s. He was very much aware of what was going on in Cuba. 
  21. Bolten was at the right age to plan the assassination. Born in 1922, he would have been 41 in 1963. This gives him the right combination of vigor and clout. He was old enough to have the right experience, the right contacts and the right amount of clout to get things done. A 30 year old is too young and too inexperienced; a 50 year old is too fixed and inflexible.
  22. The CIA and its officers do not talk about him. He is like a ghost. 22. Bolten himself is discreet. He writes no books. He gives no interviews. He remains quiet and in the background. 

You can also check the other materials I have written.

Try not to think of Bolten’s associations as a conspiracy in which all the people he used got together in a room. Think of his associations as a roadmap that one travels to get from Point A to Point B. For example, if you want to go from Telford, Pennsylvania to McAllen, Texas, you are going to have to travel upon a series of roads. Similarly, if you’re going to assassinate the President you have to travel upon a landscape using a series of people. The people are the roads. They don’t necessarily have to know each other, nor do they have to know the grand scheme of things.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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