The Case for Seymour Bolten

In this file I make the case for why Seymour Bolten is a good choice to have planned the JFK assassination. Of course, no one can go back in time and say that he did do it. But if I were going to select someone to plan the assassination, I would choose him.

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Try not to think of Bolten’s associations as a conspiracy in which all the people he used got together in a room. Think of his associations as a roadmap that one travels to get from Point A to Point B. For example, if you want to go from Telford, Pennsylvania to McAllen, Texas, you are going to have to travel upon a series of roads. Similarly, if you’re going to assassinate the President you have to travel upon a landscape using a series of people. The people are the roads. They don’t necessarily have to know each other, nor do they have to know the grand scheme of things.

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