Selecting Tippit

I’m going to ramble a bit here, so you’ll just have to get through it.

A key piece to the puzzle for me is not that these various Oak Cliff actors and inhabitants knew each other but how  they came together.  Who recruited who into the grand scheme of things.  In many respects, they were all patsies.

Let’s talk about JD Tippit.  How was he recruited?

Who came into the plot first, who came second and so forth.

Three people were murdered on that weekend in Dallas in addition to JFK.  Tippit, then Oswald, then Ruby. When Jack Ruby shot Oswald, he effectively murdered his own life.

How do they fit together?

To understand that, we have to know how the plot was scripted out.

For the purposes of this argument, let us assume a relatively simple plot, the Warren Commission fable with one change.  Oswald resists arrest  at the Texas theater and is gunned down by the police.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it worked out. Thus Jack Ruby killing Oswald was an improvisation. Or was it a contingency plan put into action.

Let us look at the original script.  Let us write it out.  Then let us ask how we are going to find a police officer to do what we want to do. How will we recruit this police officer? How do we find this guy?  Where do we find this guy?

Assuming that Seymour Bolten constructed this assassination, how would he have come into contact with JD Tippit?

  1. He could have come into contact with him through the police department via a CIA liaison police officer, perhaps Captain Westbrook.
  2. He could have come into contact with him through Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club. Is there any evidence that Tippit visited the Carousel Club? It’s possible.
  3. He could have come into contact with him through Ralph Paul at Austin’s Barbecue (Tippit worked there, and Paul used to own a business there). What makes sense is that Ralph Paul would hang out there from time to time. In fact, everybody went to Austin’s Barbecue in Oak Cliff. It was a very popular place. Ralph Paul could have recommended Tippit to Bolten via Jack Ruby.

Option 1 seems less likely.  JD Tippit’s main coverage route was not in North Oak Cliff, although he was familiar with it.  Plus, it would seem strange for Bolten to suddenly ask Westbrook what police officers worked North Oak Cliff. He wouldn’t need to do that. He could just go out to Oak Cliff and see for himself.

Option 2 is possible, but that leads one to ask how Bolten knew Jack Ruby.

Option 3, is even more likely, but still the question remains as to how Bolten knew Jack Ruby. Did Bolten know Ralph Paul when both. were living in NY? NY is a big city.

Jack Ruby ran arms into Israel.  It seems logical that Bolten would be aware of that. His Mossad contacts could tell him that.

Also, Jack Ruby was a member of Shearith Israel. The rabbi there, Rabbi Silverman was a former member of Haganah.  Again, it seems logical that Bolten would know this also.

If Ralph Paul was Jack Ruby’s best friend, it seems reasonable that Rabbi Silverman would know Ralph Paul.

Rabbi Silverman was not an unconnected individual. He knew plenty of people in high places.

As Bolten was Jewish, he would fit seamlessly into a synagogue like Shearith Israel.

It’s possible that he met Jack Ruby at that synagogue, or it’s possible that Rabbi Silverman introduced him.

I don’t think it’s logical that Bolten would have encountered Jack Ruby in a chance encounter.

As Seymour Bolten formulated the plan, as the plan began to gel, Bolten would come to see that Oswald needed to be convicted in the public’s mind. For that reason, he decided to have Oswald kill a police officer. It was therefore necessary to recruit one.

Because the assassination was being staged in Oak Cliff, it seems logical that a police officer who knew the Oak Cliff area would be the best candidate to be murdered.  It would make sense that the police officer to be murdered belonged in Oak Cliff.  He would be a staple there.  No one would ask: Why the hell was he there? His coverage area was halfway across the city.

Now, just because Jack Ruby recommended Tippit does not mean that Jack Ruby was in on the operation from the get-go.

It’s not necessarily an indictment of Jack Ruby.  More likely it is an indictment of Seymour Bolten.  Jack Ruby was just another pawn.

Now, the question then becomes: did Seymour Bolten have the smarts to pull this off? He had the smarts in spades. He went to NYU. He went to Harvard. He was a CIA officer. He spent years in a POW camp most likely planning escape missions.

Plus, Bolten had a background in the arts. He knew how to write. He absolutely knew how to construct a play, and remember, an assassination scheme is nothing more than a play acted out.

One other thing and maybe another. Seymour Bolten knew something that most Christians do not know. As a Jew, who grew up around Jews, he knew that Jews were just as dumb as Christians. He also knew that Jews were just as susceptible to being lied to as were Christians. Most Christians have been heavily propagandized by the media. They think that Jews are either heavily religious or really smart people. Jews know otherwise. Now, the other thing: Bolten truly understood why Israel existed. Israel was created and financed by the monied elite for the monied elite. He understood that the Jews were used to colonize Palestine. Most Jews and most Christians don’t understand that. That’s because most Christians and most Jews have been suckered into the social view of history. Because they have been suckered into the social view of history, they’re easy pickins for the monied elite and the people who work for them. Bolten was one of those people.

People lose their religion as they move higher into the government. Because the monied elite control the government, the officers of the government see the world in terms of money, not social justice. The rest of us suckers however still believe in social justice, and that’s why we can always be manipulated by the government. They prey on our good nature and desire for a better world. Unlike us they harbor no such illusions.

You may not like cynicism, but cynicism is reality, and cynicism towards the government is well-deserved.

This is the scenario that makes the most sense to me. Somebody had to plan this. If you don’t believe in a lone assassin theory, then you must accept that someone planned this out.  And you have to accept that someone smart plan this out.  The planner had to know people.   The planner had to have contacts.  The planner had to have clout. 

How are you going to meet Jack Ruby? Why would he trust you? He would only trust you if you had a common purpose and common contacts. Jack Ruby was running arms into Israel.  Bolten would know this. Bolten would also be able to know and meet Rabbi Silverman.

This is not an indictment of the Jews. It’s an indictment of pagans who used the Jews, who pretended to be Jews.

I don’t think Jack Ruby had one iota of an idea as to what the final plan was going to be.  Nor do I think did Ralph Paul. Nor do I think did Rabbi Silverman.

Nevertheless, if you believe that Tippit’s moves were strange after the assassination, if you believe that Tippit was somehow used in a scheme to demonize Oswald, then you must ask how the assassination architect met Tippit.

What I have presented seems the most logical way.

Why was Tippit Selected?

Tippit was selected because he was vulnerable. He had skeletons in his closet, and he needed money. For a few hundred bucks, Tippit could easily be recruited to move from the Gloco Station, to near the intersection of Beckley and Neely, to Top Ten Records, then to 10th and Patton. He wouldn’t even need to know why.

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