Oak Cliff Potpourri

What the Warren Commission wants you to believe is that Oswald shot Kennedy in a cool, calculated manner, then went back to Oak Cliff in a confused state and started walking around the neighborhood. When JD Tippit confronted him, a confused and impulsive Oswald shot him, and then, in an even more confused state, ran into a movie theater where he was captured, after which she became cool, calm, and collected.

The problem with this story, and it’s a good one, is that it is discordant and not reflective of reality.

Cool, calm and collected people do not suddenly become confused and impulsive, and then suddenly return to a cool and calm collected state.

Moreover, much of the evidence and the digging of information about the assassination of both John Kennedy and JD Tippit don’t make sense.

This is why so many people have opposed the Warren Commission findings.

Just about the only people who, accept the Warren Commission findings are the people who benefit economically from the Empire’s largesse.

So the first decision you have to make when evaluating the Kennedy assassination is where you stand.

Do you stand for the empire? Or are you one of the rebels?

Here is what the rebels think.

I will begin with what happens after the President is shot.  And I will critique these theories in order to guide you to what I believe is the truth.

One theory is that, after Kennedy was shot, Oswald walked innocently around Oak Cliff when Tippit, who was told to find Oswald and kill him, encountered Oswald and got killed. Presumably, Oswald had somehow gone off the reservation and needed to be killed.  What is not explained here is how Oswald went off the reservation.  Also unexplained is why Oswald would meander aimlessly around Oak Cliff.  

A variant or addition to this theory is that Tippit himself was one of the shooters on the Grassy Knoll.  There isn’t a shred of evidence or solid common sensical reasoning to indicate that this would be the case. Tippit seems to be solidly located in Oak Cliff at the time of the assassination.  In addition, Tippit, while, an excellent shot, doesn’t seem to be the type of man who you would include in on a professional hit.  Including him on the hit involves more complexity in the assassination.  What makes more sense is that the assassination was pulled off by a cohesive team of seasoned professionals who knew each other. Why would you include a cop who you’ve never met before?

Predicating this theory is that Tippit was a corrupt cop who treated people roughly, who may have been on the take because he owned two houses, and who was also cheating on his wife.

There were a lot of people in 1963 who cheated on their wives, who were abrasive, and who had hedged the system a little. None of those people killed John Kennedy.

Even more support for this absurd theory comes from the dubious “apparent” fact that Oswald and Tippit knew each other. Well, we don’t know that that is so. What we have heard is that they were in the same restaurant together. Well, I’ve been in a lot of restaurants with lots of people who I didn’t know, and, guess what, I didn’t know them.  And, I still don’t.

Still Oak Cliff was not NY City teeming with people.  it was more of a neighborhood in North Oak Cliff. It is reasonable to conclude that Oswald and Tippit did recognize each other and had seen each other around.  It is possible that they knew each other’s name. The world of 1963 was quite different than the world of 2022. Without the distractions of cell phones, social media and cable television the world was a more cohesive place.  

North Oak Cliff wasn’t that much different than the neighborhood in which I grew up when I was a boy. People in our neighborhood generally knew everybody in the neighborhood; that doesn’t mean that we knew everything that they were doing. That doesn’t mean that we were colluding with each other.

Much has been made of the fact many of the people who witnessed Tippit’s killing knew Jack Ruby. Given what I have just told you, given the limited size of North Oak Cliff, given the cohesiveness of the community in 1963, that’s not surprising to me.

This leads to another sinister idea or theory that somehow, some way, Jack Ruby staged the killing of JD Tippit.  As to why Jack Ruby would do this, I’m not quite sure. This theory tends to suggest that Jack Ruby was in on the plot to kill President Kennedy and pin the blame on Oswald.  To begin with, Jack Ruby was an impulsive, relatively disorganized individual who had enough on his plate running his night club.  Jack Ruby was a nice enough guy to many people despite his roughness and tendency to fisticuffs with unruly customers. I’m not sure that he had the skills to plan an assassination and pull it off.  For this reason, I consider this theory not fruitful.

Now, did Ruby know Oswald?  It sure seems possible that they might’ve been able to recognize each other.  Neither man lived in a vacuum. Nor were they solely focused on JFK or their job.  They had to live.  Most likely both of them frequented  the same food stores, shoe stores, and other commercial establishments in the 12 months or so that Oswald had been living in the North Oak Cliff area.   If they did recognize each other that doesn’t mean that they knew each other’s name or even talked with one another.

Therefore, these sightings of Oswald and Ruby are nice to know, but they don’t necessarily prove anything.

Still the idea of Oswald and Tippit eating at the same time at Dobb’s House is enticing.  It leads one to conclude that maybe they were working together. Thus the theory that perhaps Tippit was supposed to drive Oswald to the Redbud Airport after killing JFK.  The fact that Tippit was a friend of Carl Mather, that Carl Mather’s car (complete with an Oswald double) was sighted in Oak Cliff shortly after JFK’s assassination, that Carl Mather worked for Collins Electric (now Rockwell Collins), and that Collins Electric did contract work for the CIA is extremely enticing.

How do you ignore that?

Well, it could be that a clever person in the CIA took advantage of these relationships and set up these three  people (Oswald, Tippit, and Mather) up as a clever diversion from the truth.

Maybe Tippit was selected as the fall guy because he was a cop, because he knew Carl Mather, because he had character flaws, because he was known in North Oak Cliff, because he did hang out at Austin’s Barbecue.  

It makes sense that if you are going to set someone up, you would want them to have connections to other people, so that people would speculate wildly about the truth.  You would want to create multiple rabbit holes of nothingness, so that people would not suspect you.

The goal here is to plan an assassination, a demonization of Oswald, and get away with it. The best way to get away with murder, the best way, for a magician to pull off a trick is to create a diversion.  And that is exactly what top criminals and magicians do:  they create diversions.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reseved

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