What Was Tippit Doing

Let’s play some more sudoku. We will assume of course that you believe that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. People who believe in Oswaldus Supremicus need not read any further.

Before I begin, let me say something. Lee Harvey Oswald is the Atlas that holds up our modern New World Order. There he is hunched over with his hands above his shoulders, supporting our Brave New World.

Who knew?

With that aside, let me begin.

Did Tippit know Oswald?

Well, we know that Tippit recognized on some level the man who shot him on 10th and Patton. Accepting that it wasn’t Oswald (who was in the theater at least ten minute earlier), who was this man? And why did Tippit slow down to talk to him? Was it because he resembled the man on the APB who had possibly shot the President? If so, then, why did he not approach with caution? Why did he not call for back up? Why did he not report his findings to dispatch? When he got out of the car, why did he not shield himself behind the car? Is that what you would expect from a police officer who had just identified a potential assassin of the President?

I think not.

It seems logical to me that Tippit recognized the man who eventually killed him on 10th and Patton. He approaches the man, and the man leans in on the passenger side window, and appears to be talking to Tippit in a short conversation. Why would he be talking to the man if the window was up? It has been reported that the window was up when other people came to the police vehicle after Tippit was shot. Well, maybe as Tippit approached the individual, he reached over and rolled down the window a bit. After the conversation, before getting out of the car, he rolled the window back up. Have you ever done that in your car? I have.

If the window was down while Tippit was talking to the individual, and it makes sense that it was as it is very difficult to hear someone talk when the window is up, then why did the man who eventually shot Tippit not shoot him right through the open window? Furthermore, why would Tippit talk to the individual in what appears to be a casual conversation if he thought that the man had potentially killed the President?

What could the two possibly be talking about? And what would make Tippit get out of the car?

Now, the Warren Commission would have you believe that Tippit after asking a few questions felt that the man needed to be apprehended. Presumably, he told him to stay where he was as he exited the car. Tippit then exited the car and started to pull his gun out of his holster. The man, upon seeing Tippit get out of the vehicle with the gun in his hand executed him.

Well, what if it didn’t happen that way? What if it happened this way?

Suppose that Tippit rolls down the window as he approaches the man on the street. They have a short conversation in which the man, pointing down the alley behind him, says to Tippit, “Hey, JD, the boss wants to talk to you.” Tippit looks down the alley and sees “the boss.” So Tippit casually and innocently gets out of his car and walks around to the front. The boss likewise begins to walk toward Tippit. As Tippit gets to the front of the vehicle, he sees that the man, not the boss, has raised his pistol and is pointing it at him – Tippit.

Instinctively Tippit reaches down for his gun. The man fires the first shot into Tippit. It is a non-lethal blow. Tippit continues to grab his gun and pull it out of the holster. At that point he is hit again with the second, third and fourth shot. The fourth shot is the fatal shot.

Tippit with the gun in his hand, only 6 inches above the holster and slightly in front of him falls to the ground face down with the gun in his hand. As he falls, his hand relaxes, and the gun slips out of his hand and hits the ground first. Tippit falls on top of the gun.

This is an entirely possible scenario, and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than what the Warren Commission is peddling.

Something had to induce Tippit to get out of that car. If it was because he thought the man was the killer of the President, he certainly wouldn’t have approached him by walking around to the front of the car. It would make more sense to get out of the car stand behind the car, lean over it with his gun raised and tell the man to get down on the ground in a spread eagle position.

What else would induce Tippit to get out of the car? What would induce him to get out of the car would be if he was summoned by “the boss” who was standing in the alley. It might be that Tippit was hired by “the boss” to drive from Point A to Point B to Point C for a few hundred extra bucks. After all, Tippit needed the money. He had two houses to maintain.

Or it could be something more nefarious.

What I am trying to establish here is that Tippit was involved in a rendezvous on 10th and Patton. That’s why he got out of the car. There were no other reported crimes in the area that would prompt Tippit to get out of his car. He wasn’t getting out of his car to arrest the potential assassin of the president, because if he was, he would have approached him in a different way.

I will argue that this makes much more sense than the Warren Commission fable.

In fact there is evidence to suggest that he was engaged in some sort of rendezvous. Acquilla Clemons stated that after Tippit was shot there were two men standing over Tippit.

Another witness stated that there was a car down the alley running between 10th and Jefferson.


Archer Crosley

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