The Mob and JFK

Let’s put something to rest right now.

The mob did not kill John F. Kennedy.

The very concept is ridiculous.

There is no way in ten million years that Carlos Marcello or Charles Nicoletti is going to unilaterally take out the President of the United States without consulting the Commission in New York City.

Why? Because the Commission would say no.

Can you imagine the heat coming down on the mob if they took out John F. Kennedy without it being sanctioned by the elites?

Can you imagine the heat coming down on an individual boss or member of the mob if he took out John F. Kennedy without consulting with the Commission?

The mob would be eliminated in a day.

In addition to that, the mob does not have the experience, nor the level of sophistication to pull off an assassination of this type. This isn’t the type of killing that they do.

They have no means to cover up the assassination.

Only a fool of a mobster would conduct such an operation.

Carlos Marcello did not get to where he got by being stupid.

With that stated, for sure, the mob contributed their opinion to the CIA, as to what should happen to JFK.

As did many other groups and factions.

Remember, the CIA talks to everybody, that’s their job. Their job is to collect intelligence.

But it’s important to state that the mob was but one contributor of opinion to the CIA.

There were many, many others who wanted John F. Kennedy dead.

The Texas oil man wanted him out of the way.

The military men who wanted to fight their war in Vietnam wanted him out of the way.

CIA officers who felt abandoned at the Bay of Pigs (even though the failure was largely the CIA’s own fault) wanted him gone.

The corporate pigs at Freeport Sulphur certainly were not unhappy to see him go.  Freeport Sulphur was licking their chops at the untold bonanza that they would reap in Indonesia.

John Kennedy threatened that.

As did John Kennedy threaten the livelihoods of the importers of fruit and produce from Central America.

These importers in Tampa, Miami, Houston, and New Orleans were likewise not unhappy to see him go.

The Israelis wanted John Kennedy out of the way also.  John Kennedy not only threatened the nuclear program in Israel, he threatened the existence of Israel, in their opinion, by loaning support to Palestinians, and by restricting immigration of Jews into Israel.

So you had many, many people who contributed their own two cents as to what should happen to John Kennedy.

In their collective opinion John Kennedy was bad for business.

What was the CIA to do?

Do nothing?

Hardly. The CIA doesn’t work for you and me. The CIA works for the wealthy thug elite.

Consequently, they gathered these opinions, and then took action.

So, in a way, I guess you could say that the mob killed JFK. But you could say the same thing for many, many other people.

But to blame it solely on the mob alone is aces up ridiculous.

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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