The JFK assassination was highly compartmentalized. Military men and planners understand that loose lips sink ships. Bolten was a military man and a highly intelligent one at that.

He would have compartmentalized the mission. People would be told only what they need to know.

To illustrate, let us say that I want to rob a bank that’s on First and Main.

One block to the north and another block to the east sits the intersection of Second and Commerce.

I plan to rob the bank at 1 PM on Friday. I ask you if we can meet for lunch downtown at 1 PM. I ask if you can meet me on Second and Commerce at that time. I also ask if you can be there about 10 minutes early. There’s plenty of parking in the rear of a barbershop on that corner.

When the time comes at 1 PM, I walk to where you are sitting in your car. I ask you if you can wait a few minutes. I just have to go do one more thing real quick. It will only take five minutes I tell you. Then I walk around to the bank and rob it. I go through the alley ditching and changing my clothes as I walk. The CIA trains their operatives how to do this. You don’t have to do much. You only need to put on a pair of glasses, a cap, change your jacket.

I then walk around to where you are sitting and get in the car as if nothing has happened. Where do you want to eat, I ask. I suggest an Italian restaurant on Fifth and Harwood. You drive us away.

You might even ask me what’s in my bag. Gym clothes, I reply.

And that, gentleman, is how we do that.

The important thing remember about the Kennedy assassination is that conspiracy does not necessarily entail that all the conspirators were sitting in the same room together, or that any of them knew what the final product would be.

It’s only essential that the planner know.

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