Recruiting Tippit

Naturally, of course, you would have to believe in conspiracy.

If you believe in conspiracy, and if you believe that JD Tippit was somehow involved, then you must ask how he was recruited?

To begin with, I don’t think that JD Tippit was knowingly involved with any conspiracy to kill the President of the United States.

I think he was used.

I think he was used to demonize Oswald as a cop killer. In this manner, Oswald’s conviction would become a fait accompli in the mind of the public.

So, how was Tippit recruited?

And who would recruit him?

I’ll start with what I think happened, and then I will try to explore other possibilities.

Let’s play a game of sudoku and let’s take a leap of faith.

Let’s assume that what I have been saying is so that Seymour Bolten planned this operation.

Let us stipulate that there is a team of Israeli assassins who will handle the killing of JFK, and let us now put that aside for a moment.

The killing of Tippit is an entirely different affair. It takes place in another venue, and it wouldn’t make much sense to have the same Israeli assassins run over to Oak Cliff to set up JD Tippit.

You would need another group of individuals to do that.

If you can accept that, for the sake of argument, let us move on. Let us go back to the original question:  How was JD Tippit recruited?

Well, I am going to tell you how I would handle it if I were Seymour Bolten.

Because I am Jewish, I’m going to know Jews, and I am going to feel comfortable with Jews.

Indeed, Seymour Bolton grew up in an environment within the Bronx where Jews were the majority.  He attended Dewitt Clinton High School, where Jews were in the majority.  He attended NYU where Jews seem to be in the majority based upon his graduation yearbook.

Therefore, if I’m Seymour Bolten, I’m going to work with people who I know, who I trust.

When I arrive in Dallas to begin thinking and planning this assassination, I’m going to seek out someone who I feel comfortable with, and with someone who has been vetted.

It just so happens that there does exist a person in the Dallas area who would fit what I’m looking for.

I would go to Rabbi Hillel Silverman and I would join the congregation of Sheerith Israel. I would get to know the rabbi.

The reason I would pick him is because he is in the club.

He attended Yale for a short time before moving on to the Jewish Theological Seminary at Columbia University. Good, that’s perfect for me. That’s what I’m looking for. It also helps that he knew George Bush’s older brother.  Apparently, everybody who is anybody in power knew George Bush’s older brother.  He seems to be the glue that holds the New World Order together.

Rabbi Silverman also served in Haganah and fought in Israel’s first war after statehood in 1948. Haganah was a group of Jewish Freedom Fighters.  Double good.

After asking around, I discover that Rabbi Silverman knows a lot of people who are rabidly loyal to Israel. He reportedly knows Abraham Zapruder, and he knows Jack Ruby.

Triple good. I might be able to use these people.

Of course, I’m not going to tell Rabbi Silverman a thing. I’m going to keep him in the dark.

Not so with Jack Ruby, or Abraham Zapruder. Of course I’m not going to tell them the full plot; I’m only going to tell them what they need to know.

In time, I get to know Jack Ruby. I even go to his club. That’s what I’m going to do. In time I will figure out that he is friends with Ralph Paul, who is also a Jew, although apparently a non-observant Jew. He doesn’t go to synagogue. At least that’s what he says. Funny, though, when he got married, a rabbi performed the ceremony.

I have something in common with Ralph Paul, because he used to live in New York City where I’m from.

As did Rabbi Silverman.

In time I discover that Ralph Paul, along with his father, owned a business, called Ralph’s Fruit Exchange, near Yankee stadium.  He owned this up until his father died in 1945. Then two years later, he moved to Dallas where he met Jack Ruby.

Well, it may be, that Ralph Paul had heard of Jack Ruby beforehand.  A mutual acquaintance of theirs, Joe Bonds, had urged Ralph Paul to move to Dallas.

As I am formulating my plan, I realize that I will need a police officer to set up. The reason I need the police officer killed is to shut the case down against Lee Oswald. 

I ask Ralph Paul if he knows any police officers who might be interested in making a little extra money. Ralph Paul asks me what for, and I tell him I don’t know.

Now, it could be that Ralph Paul does know a police officer. He may know this officer from Oak Cliff named JD Tippit. JD Tippit works part time as a security officer at Austin’s Barbecue.  Austin’s Barbecue is located in a building that Ralph Paul used to own.

Or it could be that Jack Ruby referred me to JD Tippit. Perhaps JD Tippit had frequented Jack’s Carousel Club.

One thing we know for absolute sure. Ralph Paul knows both Jack Ruby and Austin Cook who owns Austin’s barbecue. I have included a map for you to look at.

Now, is this the way JD Tippit was recruited? I don’t know. I can only speculate, but, there must be some logic as to how JD Tippit was recruited.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Tippit was recruited out of a lottery pick. He had to know someone who knew someone who could then communicate that name to the planner of the assassination.

Or, perhaps it didn’t go down the way that I mentioned above. Maybe I contacted Jack Ruby in this manner. “Jack, I am Maurice.  Rabbi Silverman sent me. We’re interested in knowing if you would like to do a couple of favors for us. Would you like to help out the state of Israel?”

It seems logical that Jack Ruby would say yes, given that he had helped run arms into Israel.

Maybe I then said to Jack: “Jack, we’re looking for a local Dallas police officer who knows the Oak Cliff area to help us out. Do you know anybody?”

Now, perhaps it came to pass that Jack Ruby, didn’t know anybody. Perhaps he asked his friend Ralph Paul, if he knew anybody. Perhaps Ralph Paul, who frequented Austin’s BBQ replied to Jack: Yes, I know this guy. His name is JD Tippit. Why do you ask?

Jack Ruby shrugs his shoulders and says:   Just asking.  Then Jack turns around to me and gives me his name.


The ramifications of this should be clear. There is a direct link between Jack Ruby and JD Tippit. You have two principal figures in the Kennedy assassination who are linked by one person – Ralph Paul. This cannot be an accident.

It cannot also be an accident that Rabbi Silverman knows two principal figures in the JFK Assassination if it is true that he knew Abraham Zapruder, although to be frank I am not quite sure if the rabbi knew Abraham Zapruder. I don’t know whether to trust these reports.


No one should conclude that any of these people got together in the same room to plot either the assassination of John Kennedy or JD Tippit, but no one should look away either.

These associations only represent a map. Just as you need a map of roads to get to my home in McAllen, Texas, you need a map of people to plan out an assassination.

Here is the map. You can download it and focus in with your zoom-magnifier. It will appear totally sharp.


It’s important to note that even though Abraham Zapruder may have belonged to a different congregation than Shearith Israel, it is known, thanks to Sam Ballen, that business leaders in the Dallas community were known to have attended all congregations.

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved.

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