Oak Cliff

You Drive for Show

In golf, you drive for show and putt for dough.

People are naturally attracted to Dealey Plaza because that is where the President was shot; but to fully nail down conspiracy, you have to go to Oak Cliff.  Oak Cliff is where it all goes down; it is where the JFK Assassination began and ended.

The Warren Commission states that Oswald left the TSBD after shooting JFK, took a bus, then a cab five blocks past his boarding house, walked back, changed clothes, picked up a gun, meandered around Oak Cliff for 10 to 15 minutes, shot a police officer, JD Tippit, then ran to a movie theater to hide out.  80 minutes after killing JFK Oswald was captured and the case was cinched.  Sure.

How About This Instead?

Oswald sets up the decoy nest at the TSBD, walks down to the second floor like he was told to do.  After JFK is shot, he hangs for 5-10 minutes then walks down to Elm where he is transported to the Texas Theater.  He thinks he is being extracted.  He gets to the theater at around 1 PM, buys a ticket and walks into a soundproof room.  It is the perfect place to put him because he can’t hear any outside sirens.  He also can’t hear any radios or television sets.  He moves nervously from seat to seat looking for his contact.  In no time, the cops show up at the back and front of the theater.  An eagle-eye shoe salesman points him out from the back of a dark theater.  The rest is history.

So What Happened?

So what happened is that an Oswald substitute trained to walk and talk like Oswald did take a cab back to the boarding house.  The cop, JD Tippit, who was shot, was recruited unknowingly to follow a program that day for a few extra bucks.  His purpose was to be killed so as to demonize Oswald.  Why?  Because too many people didn’t like JFK; they might have appreciated a man killing the President; but nobody likes a cop killer, especially cops.  The hope was that Oswald would make a break for it at the theater and be killed by the police.

The Tippit Synchrony

It was no accident that “Lee Oswald” was let out five blocks past his boarding house. 

The maps were made with OpenStreetMap.  © OpenStreetMap contributors.

On the maps, the Director is in black, Fake Oswald is in green, JD Tippit is in red.

The Tippit Shooting

Here is a diagram of the Tippit Shooting.  After Tippit is shot, his killer takes the lower half of the block; the Director takes the top half of the block.  They meet behind the Texaco station.  The Director takes the gun and the light-colored jacket from Tippit’s killer.  He places the light-colored jacket under a car.  He will take the gun down to the Texas Theater.  Tippit’s killer then disappears into eternity.  He either gets into a waiting car, or he walks into a pre-arranged building. The Director, dressed like an ordinary citizen, blends into the background.  He’s just an ordinary guy looking for his car.  When the police show up, he points to the jacket underneath the car and says, “Hey, what’s that.”  Then he disappears.

Running to the Theater

So, as the story goes, Oswald after killing JD Tippit, runs down to the Texas Theater.  The problem with that story is that no one sees him do it, at least not until Johnny “Eagle-Eye” Brewer sees him in front of his shoe store, a few stores away from the Theater, acting suspiciously.  Then Johnny plays cop and follows him into the Theater.  He points him out and Oswald is captured.  According to the police, Oswald resists arrest.

What I think happened is that nobody ran down Jefferson Blvd, certainly not Oswald.  If I were the Director, the guy who planned it, why would I risk a citizen-hero tackling him.  It’s far simpler to have someone say he spotted Oswald run into the theater and point him out to the police.  Would that someone be Johnny Brewer?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Why would a shoe salesman leave his store wide open with customers inside to go chase after a man who is thought to be armed and dangerous?  Maybe he was just another guy who got used.  

Inside the Theater

After Johnny Brewer points out Oswald, the police approach him and arrest him.  According to the police, Oswald resists arrest.  I do not believe Oswald does any such thing.  I think when Oswald sees the police arrive, he quickly adds 2 and 2.   As Nick McDonald approaches him, Oswald starts to raise his arms and say, “I am not resisting arrest.”  Nick McDonald punches Oswald over his right eye and the two fall to Oswald’s left.  As Nick McDonald falls atop Oswald, Oswald’s bracelet scrapes McDonald’s left cheek.  It is the bracelet, not a gun, that causes McDonald’s lesion.  After they fall, a melee breaks out  and someone shouts that there is a gun.  A click is heard.  Apparently, Oswald fired his gun but it misfired.  At any rate, Oswald is captured.

Afterwards, McDonald states that Oswald threw a punch at him, hit him in the forehead and knocked his cap off.  The problem with that is that there is no lesion or evidence of swelling on Oswald’s hands.  Nor is medical attention given to Oswald’s hands.  Nor does he complain of a hurting hand.  Typically, hitting a skull or a wall stud causes either a boxer’s fracture or a swollen hand.

Unfortunately, the same creeps who killed JFK are gradually accumulating all the images that pertain to your heritage and mine.  Someday, in about 44 years, you will be able to legally publish a picture of Oswald’s hands free of copyright infringement.  Of course, I could do it anyway as many people do, but I won’t.  In today’s world, people who get to close to the truth are taken down.  Instead, you’ll have to google the images.  

Ah, to hell with it.  I’m not selling anything anymore except the truth.

Those hands looks pretty clean to me.  I also looked through autopsy reports on Lee to see if there was any injury or bruise to his hands.  Nada.  Then I looked through Warren Commission testimony to see if Lee even remarked about hurting hands.  I didn’t find anything.  In summary, I think Lee was a pretty sharp cookie.  I think he was holding up those hands to show us something.  By the way, his bracelet is on his left wrist.

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