The Babushka Lady

Currently I am conjecturing Ehud Barak as the Babushka Lady.  I do so because other researchers have felt that the Babushka Lady might be a man.

Ehud Barak had dressed as a woman for the Spring of Youth mission in Lebanon in the early 1970s.

Ehud Barak:  2/12/42 to present
Age on 11/22/63:  21 years.

My only concerns about this being Ehud Barak are a) his experience at the time, and b) his youthful appearance.

Ehud Barak was a bright man.  Bright people are recruited early in life and used by the elites.

His youthful appearance could be camouflaged.

The hair on the Babushka lady matches Barak’s at an early age.

The Babushka Lady is not wearing blue that I can see.  This would not fit in with my belief that the operation was an Israeli hit team – unless, of course, the Babushka lady was wearing blue underneath her trench coat.

Clearly though Babushka Lady is part of the team.

As a final thought, God has a funny way of exposing people.  In later years, Ehud Barak returned to work for EDS in Dallas, Texas.  Maybe he wanted a better look at where it all went down?

Multiple Babushkas

One of the problems in identifying the Babushka lady is a) there are probably some photoshopped pics of the Babushka lady out there on the internet, and b) there are at least two women walking across Elm in the aftermath of the assassination who could be the Babushka lady.  See below. A and B.

Here is another image reputed to be the Babushka Lady.  I have doubt about this one.  It is identified as her on many web sites, but I notice that in these photos she is closest to JFK. This should be impossible if she was always in the infield of DP; if this were the case,Jackie should always be closest to her.

​Just for fun, though, let’s assume that the lady in this photo was the Babushka Lady, given that it was probably some CIA asset that planted the picture.  Now, look at this montage.

Do you think he transported himself back from the future?

Could Barak be the Man with the Bushy Hair

If we can’t agree that Ehud Barak was the Babushka Lady, then how about the man with bushy hair who approached JD Tippit and killed him in Oak Cliff?  Ehud Barak does have an eery resemblance to Lee Oswald.  Here he is on the left.  That’s his comrade in arms, Bibi, on the right

I’ve spent some time thinking about the comment that Scoggins made about JDT’s killer:  “poor dumb cop” versus “poor damn cop”.  I think the killer said “poor dumb cop”.  Why is this important?  Because if the killer said, “poor dumb cop”, it would imply that JDT may have been conned to entrapped into doing something unwittingly – which I obviously think is the case.  

“Poor damn cop” would imply sympathy of some order – which would be unlikely coming from a sociopath.

But, “poor damn cop” sounds stilted and unnatural.  It doesn’t ring true as something someone would say.  It’s an unnatural expression for an American.

Now, I’ve listened to Ehud Barack pronounce the short “u” sound on YourTube.  It sounds pretty close to a regular “u” that we Americans would pronounce, but there is a little “y” sound that sneaks in.  He sounds a little Russian when he pronounces the “u” in run:  ryun.  

My point is that if Oswald was the killer, there shouldn’t have been any confusion at all given LO’s accent (unless of course he mumbled).  Maybe, I am thinking, JDT’s killer isn’t American.  Maybe he has an accent that garbles up the “u” sound to an “e” sound or something close.  A “yu” sound comes close to a short “e” sound.

So … “dumb” become “dyumb” which becomes “dem” which could be interpreted as the word “damn”.  Get it?

Furthermore, when Barak pronounces a flat “a”  as in “that”, he clips the a to a short “e” sound.  So, damn could come out to “dem” which might be confused with “dumb”.

Where is this going?  I don’t know.  Evidently though, I feel it’s worth pursuing given Barak’s rise to prominence in Israel.  One additional thing we do know of late – Ehud Barak has been seen entering the Epstein mansion.  Given what we know of Epstein now and the crowd he hung out with, one has to consider whether Ehud Barak is of a similar persuasion.  If so, we then need to ask when his personality developed and why.  This does not implicate him in the assassination of JFK, of course, but it may prompt us to take a harder look at him.

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