Walking and Talking about JFK

Imagine me walking the Vegas Strip and talking about Ruth Paine and SLee Oswald. I get a little out of breath, but I discuss some important points. Here in this diagram are Oswald’s movements in relation to world affairs. I think this is important because you can correlate Oswald’s movements with major events (in blue) that happen with regard to US-Cuba relations. What I am trying to express in this diagram is that Oswald was being moved in relation to the current events surrounding him. His movements to DFW, to New Orleans and back to DFW were not random.

LWC: Leslie Welding Company. JCS: Jaggars, Chiles, Stovall. JVB: Judyth Vary Baker. BWF: Buell Wesley Frazier

Here is a diagram of Ruth Paine’s connections. Here, I want to dispel the myth that she was an ordinary citizen in Irving, Texas. That’s just not the case.

Here is a diagram of her garage. I wanted to show here how cleverly her garage was the key to implicating Oswald. In this one garage, two capers were combined: The Walker Shooting and the JFK Assassination. It’s a very clever way of convicting someone.

Keep in mind that this evidence is association, not proof of causality. Also, keep in mind that Warrenatti constantly heckle critics of the Warren Commission by stating that they haven’t proven anything, that all they have shown are associations.

Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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