The Myth of Oswald the Wife-beater

It was essential for the Warren Commission to demonize Lee Oswald on every level.  Was Oswald a wife beater?

1.  Show me a picture of Marina Oswald with bruises on her face.  I have yet to see one.

2.  The reports of a bruised Marina in November of 1962 do not hold up when you cross-reference the testimony of the White Russian community.  Marina’s own testimony contradicts a bruise during that time frame.  There is also a picture of Marina and Lee taken Thanksgiving Day of 1962 which would be two weeks after a beating.  There are no bruises.   

If this testimony can not be relied upon, why should we rely upon the testimony of the White Russian community regarding other supposed beatings?  Was their testimony guided under the threat of deportation back to an oppressive Russian regime.

3.  The only testimony that seems damning comes from Marguerite, Lee’s mother, who noted a bruise on Marina in August of 1962.  Marguerite asked Lee about the bruise.  Lee did not admit hitting Marina; he only told his mom that it was their business, not hers.  This may be a revealing reply if we suspect, as did many in the White Russian community, that Marina was a spy.  Given what we now know of Oswald’s connections with so many CIA operatives, it seems possible to believe that if he did hit Marina, it was planned and agreed upon by the both of them.

4.  If Marina was so thoroughly beaten to a pulp by Oswald, why did no members of the White Russian community take a picture or report the abuse to the police?  

5.  A significant percentage of wife-beaters also abuse their children, yet no one accused Lee of being anything less than a loving father.

Now, it just so happens I believe that Lee Oswald did slap Marina around, but I believe he slapped her around because he was told to slap his wife around to give three dimensionality to his character. 

Here I have enclosed a pdf in which I cross-reference some of the information regarding Marina’s bruises. There were two episodes that seem to be of note. One was in August 1962, and the other was in November 1962. The bruise in August 1962 seems to be legitimate. Marguerite notices this bruise. The bruise of November 1962 in my opinion is not legitimate; it did not happen.

Also, included in this PDF is a diagram of George DeMohrenschildt’s wives and family members. In a future post, I may decide to separate this out. After downloading the form, zoom in and the detail will come in crystal clear.

See Kleinlerer incident post.

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