Demonizing Oswald

It was and is essential to Warren Commission defenders to demonize Oswald as much as possible. Demonizing Oswald as a man with no good traits and all bad traits was and is essential to the narrative of an unstable man who desperately wanted to salvage his life by killing JFK.

The effort to demonize Oswald borders on the ridiculous. Oswald was quiet. Oswald didn’t talk to anybody. Oswald complained about prices. Oswald had body odor. It goes on an on.

PJM, Patricia Johnson McMillan, and reliable Harvard-Radcliffe graduate and CIA toady, was an essential tool in demonizing Oswald. Her book deserves careful scrutiny as do all mainstream books that trash Oswald. Some of Marina’s comments to PJM don’t seem believable. PJM ‘s investigative skills seem poor.

I’ve already discussed about why PJM did not question Alex Kleinlerer more intensively about LHO slapping Marina at Elena Hall’s house. Maybe she did. If she did, she certainly didn’t write much about it in her book, Marina and Lee.

Here I want to talk about Marina and Lee’s time on Magazine Street. Marina told PJM, according to Gus Russo, who references PJM, that Lee sat on his porch and was dry-firing his rifle at cars passing by. Apparently neighbors were upset.

Lee and Marina were living at 4905 Magazine Street which was an apartment adjoined to 4907 Magazine Street, Lee’s mailing address and the address of his landlord – Jessie James Garner. The entrance to the apartment is set back from the street, and the porch was screened.

Here you can see screenshots of the porch taken from the interview done with Jessie James Garner. You can watch the video below.

Everyone knows that a screened porch is darker. How were people able to see in and notice LHO dry-firing his rifle at them? Plus the apartment is set back from the street. Now, it’s true, that this did happen in the evening, but this was in the summer, and so the sun would set later.

Furthermore, why does his landlord, Jesse James Garner, mention none of this during her filmed interview. Surely one of her neighbors mentioned this to her. Since Mrs. Garner and her husband were alarmed when LHO posted a FPCC notice on the house, wouldn’t you think they would be alarmed at someone dry-firing a rifle at their neighbors. It makes sense to me. Here is the interview.

That she doesn’t report this leads me to believe that it didn’t happen.

As I have stated previously, my opinion is that both Marina and Lee were husband and wife spies working together. Marina and Lee were working together with their companion spies, the Paines – Ruth and Michael. What you had there in Irving was a little coven of spies, happily conducting their operations. What a life! And you get paid for this? Your only job is to wake up, go to parties, talk to people and report back on what they are doing?

Where do I sign up?

Gus Russo points out that after the assassination, the KGB was worried that Marina might compromise them. And why would that be if, according to Gus Russo, Lee Oswald was viewed as a loser, of no value – not agent material?

It’s important to note such because Marina is used to demonize Oswald, to complete the Warren Commission tale.

Marina continues her demonization of Lee by informing us that Lee suggested they name their new child Fidel if it was a boy. Marina strenuously objected. Any why would that be? Why would a good Russian girl brought up to believe in communism be so adamantly against Fidel?

Oh, well.

Marina cements the crazy Oswald myth by telling us that Lee concocted a hare-brained scheme to get to Cuba. He would hijack a plane and a pregnant Marina who couldn’t speak English would help him. Lee would storm the cockpit while Marina calmed the passengers with a gun.

Here is what Gus Russo writes from his book, Live By the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro, and the Death of JFK.

Most likely Lee was brainstorming, thinking up ideas no matter how ridiculous. I do this all the time. It’s good to think of all options. Are these ideas any crazier than the ideas the CIA has developed. How about the ideas of Admiral Lyman Lenmitzer who suggested to JFK that the CIA conduct a terrorist attack against the citizens of Miami to justify an invasion of Cuba. JFK thought the idea was crazy, so maybe LHO had good company.

To begin with, I’m pretty sure that Lee who doted on June, would never put his unborn child in danger. Secondly, I’m pretty, pretty sure he would’ve figured out that he didn’t have two pistols. He also would have asked himself where he was going to get the money to get on a plane. If he was going to complain about the prices at Henry Gogreve’s bodega, he was sure to complain about the price of two airline tickets.

Thus the talk about hijacking a plane can be dismissed as not the thinking of a lunatic. Now, if he had carried it out, that would be a different thing.

Never mind, let’s move on to Cuba.

On the 25th of September, Lee and Marina skipped town without paying Mrs. Garner, clearly a capital offense, and worthy of Jack Ruby’s retribution. By the way, Ruth could have paid the rent for them; she did everything else for them. Oh, but that would have destroyed the Oswald deadbeat narrative.

So, while Marina went with Ruth, Oswald hightailed it to Mexico in order to get a visa from the Cuban consulate. But why should visas matter to LHO. Cuba was a sieve. If LHO had been hanging out in New Orleans like Gus Russo said he was, he would’ve learned very easily that ant-Castro operatives were running missions into Cuba as easily as you could buy a glass of lemonade at Orest Pena’s bar, although probably a bit pricey for Oswald’s tastes.

Anyway, the hijacking plan was abandoned, and LHO took a bus down through Laredo into Mexico.

By the way, I’ve been in that bus station in Nuevo Laredo where the bus must have stopped. And the one in Monterrey. I waited in that Nuevo Laredo bus station twelve hours for a connecting bus. The station was old and crummy in 1977 when I was there, so I figure Lee must have seen the same thing I saw.

When he got to Mexico City, Lee was busy as a bee visiting consulates and Cuban operatives, at least according to Gus Russo.

I don’t get it though. If LHO was a personality-degenerating fuck-up with body odor, and if he was not agent material, why would all these ambassadors and Cuban operatives want to meet with him?

And why would Sylvia Duran sleep with an antisocial screw-up? I thought Lee didn’t bathe.

Maybe Sylvia slept with him, and the others kept visiting with him, because they weren’t sure if he was an intelligence operative or not. Why is this not possible? Gus Russo speculates that Sylvia Duran may have been a double agent or a triple agent; why is this not possible for Lee Oswald? If they had really thought Lee was a fuck-up and not an intelligence operative, why not let him in? How much damage could a fuck-up possibly do?

One thing is for sure. None of these people, who are mentioned in any of these CIA and FBI memoranda, whether they be Russian operatives of the KGB or American operatives of the CIA, can be trusted. These people chose a life of lies. They haven’t earned the right to be trusted. Gus Russo himself states that the CIA had performed a nasty trick on a Cuban operative named ?. So how do we know they’re not pulling one on us right now with all these memos and conversations that are remembered or discovered twenty years after JFK’s assassination?

If these various meetings are true, they only confirm to me that LHO was a person to be taken seriously, that he was working with intelligence, that he was someone who had knowledge that he wasn’t going to reveal.

Maybe that’s why Lee looked at his brother after his arrest and said in so many words: “You won’t find anything in there, brother.”

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