Down the Stretch: Locked and Loaded

In this post, I am going to try to offer an idea of what was going on in Dallas in the seven weeks prior to 11/22/63.

First here is the calendar.

At this point in time, Oswald is living at 1026 Beckley Avenue. After racking my brains over dozens of possible venues for the assassins to practice, I came across Burnett field which used to be the minor league park for the current Texas Rangers. Burnett field was situated in North Oak Cliff Close to the Trinity River. If you remember, Marina made a statement that Lee said he was going down to the Trinity River to practice shooting. Was he going to Burnett Field? Possibly. Burnett Field is ideally located close to Dealey Plaza and of course North Oak Cliff. Burnett Field was within walking distance of everyone in North Oak Cliff. Sadly Burnett Field is no more.

There aren’t going to be any baseball games in Burnett Field in October and November. Typically, the minor league wraps up well before the World Series begins in October. Amon Carter, Jr. is a part owner of the minor-league team that plays at Burnett Field. He would be able to give Seymour Bolten access to the field, and as an old and trusted friend, he would say nothing.

Here is a picture of Burnett Field.

Here is how I feel Bolten laid it out.

I structured the weeks to provide for one week of rest, two weeks of read-through, two weeks of rehearsal with script, two weeks of dress rehearsal.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lee shows up at the Sports Drome on November 10th and November 17th. Why was he there? If he was already practicing in a secure location, why would he show up at the Sports Drome?

He wouldn’t unless he wanted to be seen.

I think he got nervous. He knew that he would have to follow through with the plan to kill JFK or else there would be dire consequences, possibly his own death, or the death of loved ones such as his mother and brother. What he wanted to do was make himself be noticed in case he was laid out as a patsy. If he could be noticed shooting a distinctive gun that shot out flames, it might be a clue to others that he wasn’t the killer.

There would be no other way to communicate to people in the future. Memos and written notes were sure to be confiscated. Pictures and photos snaps would be similarly confiscated.

What other options were open to him?

I figured that with the sensitive nature of this operation the assassins were asked before they participated if they wanted to participate. They were told that if they chose to participate and the mission was successful everything in their life would be taken care of forever. Their families would never lack or want. But if they accepted, then broke ranks and backed out they and their families would be executed. Only when they agreed would they be told the specifics of the mission.

The assassins as I have mentioned elsewhere were Israeli as they were the best. I have identified two members of the mission as Mike Harari and Yitzhak Hofi. They were Walkie Talkie Man and Umbrella Man respectively.

Here is a picture for comparison.

Here they are years later.

Mike (on the left) always wears Israeli blue. I can feel fairly confident that Walkie Talkie Man was wearing a blue jacket that day because other people did the colorization. What I’m not sure is whether Hofi is wearing Israeli blue. This was my 30 second off the shelf colorization.

It’s a good bet that Seymour Bolten knew Mike Harari. They grew up together in the intelligence services, Bolten in CIA, and Harari in Mossad. Both worked for the machine.

When George Bush was mucking around in Panama with Noriega, Mike Harari was down there. Mike was an advisor of sorts. It would be almost impossible for Seymour Bolten to not know Mike Harari.

Other than these two, I have no idea who the trigger men were, although if I were planning the mission I would use women behind the picket fence as my frontal assassins. The Israelis have no problem playing women and sensitive positions like this. Plus, it would be unlikely that anyone would suspect a woman as an assassin especially if they were in plain clothes. They could easily stash the rifled in a false tail fin of a car, then blend in with the approaching crowd dressed in a skirt and blouse.

The only other Israeli I entertained as possibly being there was Ehud Barack who would’ve been about 21 years old at the time. I considered him as either the Babushka Lady or the man who shot JD Tippit, principally because of his bushy hair. Of course, he was a talented guy also. His primary skills were in navigation and locksmithing. I’m sure he was handy with a gun also.

Well, that’s about all I want to talk about with regard to potential members of the team except for Abraham Zapruder. I feel Abraham Zapruder was a member of the team simply because he was permitted to stand on that pedestal and film the assassination. If you believe in a conspiracy and a frontal shooter then you have to believe that the conspirators would have chased him off that pedestal. If they didn’t chase him off that pedestal it’s because they wanted him on that pedestal. Aside from that, Zapruder’s film is too good. If you notice, everyone was hitting the deck when the shots went off. Not Zapruder. Not Sitzman. That tells me that they were trained to desensitize themselves to rifle fire.

What I really want to talk about though are any clues Lee Oswald might have left us. Is there anything about his behavior in October or November that would lead us to believe that he was trying to communicate with us?

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